Introducing CymActive from Ingenion

The CymActive catheter is designed to treat chronic male urinary retention, with a novel approach.

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Ingenion Medical hires Chief Operating Officer

Ingenion Medical Limited announces that Susan Finch has joined the senior management of the company as Chief Operating Officer.

Ingenion Medical and ESNEFT win £149,950 i4i Connect grant from NIHR to address chronic male incontinence

LONDON, UK – 28 March, 2022 – Ingenion Medical Limited,…

Ingenion Medical wins £277,000 Innovate UK SMART grant to address female incontinence

LONDON, UK – 21 March, 2022 – Ingenion Medical Limited,…

A UK Based Medical Device Company

Ingenion Medical is a new company that traces its origins to a MIT-trained mechanical engineer who suffered a traumatic spinal injury that left him bladder and bowel retentive. Learn about us.

The Technology To Transform Lives

We developed two novel devices to address problems with current urinary catheters: CymActive™ Bladder Management System (CymActive™ System) and FolEase™ Catheter with Inserter System.

Healthcare Professional Information

“The CymActive™ System could be the biggest advance for urinary catheters in more than 60 years.” – Subbarao Yalla, MD
Professor of Surgery (Urology), Harvard Medical School

Eliminate External Tubes

The CymActive™ Bladder Management System can eliminate external tubes and collection bags.

Patient Bladder Control

The CymActive™ Bladder Management System allow patients to control when to empty his bladder.

Inserted Once Per Month

Unlike intermittent catheters, the CymActive™ Bladder Management System is inserted just once a month.

Greater Comfort Levels

The FolEase™ Catheter with Inserter System gives patients improved comfort levels with less irritation.

Revolutionizing treatment for male patients

CymActive™ Bladder Management System

The CymActive™ Bladder Management system potentially reduces the risk of urinary tract infection, compared to indwelling catheters, because it has been designed to be contained entirely within the body.

A soft, thin and flexible catheter

FolEase™ Catheter with Inserter System

FolEase™ catheter aims to reduce irritation and provide the patient with improved comfort, with the inserter device helping to make it significantly easier to insert in difficult situations than standard Foley catheters.


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Ingenion Medical Limited is a privately-held, UK based, medical device company. The Company specializes in creating innovative, clinically relevant, and cost-effective solutions to problems of urinary flow and control. To contact us, email